Riders Without Horses Program

North Eastern Horse & Pony Club runs a program that enables children who do not own a horse/pony to participate in a wide range of Pony Club activities.  This program provides the opportunity for families to learn about the requirements of horse ownership and Pony Club participation before making the commitment of purchasing or it provides children with the opportunity to enjoy horse riding and horse mastership without needing to purchase, agist and maintain a horse/pony.

The program is not “hire and ride”.  Members join the Club and learn to ride and care for a horse/pony as if it were their own, in accordance with the ideals and objectives of the Pony Club Association of Victoria (PCAV).  Riding is only one aspect of pony club, members will learn catching and releasing a horse, leading, tying up, rugging, grooming, feeding, saddling and putting on a bridle.  Theory is a big part of our program.  Members can study for certificates within the pony club movement.

Riders without Horses runs as per school terms and members commit on a term by term basis.  Members come fortnightly which usually permits 4 – 6 sessions per term.  The club is not a commercial riding school, all horses/ponies are cared for by members of the club and all administration is voluntary.   The chief instructor is experienced and the Pony Club has a mentor program for older members to complete their Level O instructors course and take part in the lessons. Riders may need considerably more than a term before they reach a standard where they are safe and in control when riding outside the fenced learning area (ménage).  Our horses/ponies are not follow the leader horses which means the rider must learn to ride rather than just “sit” on the horse.

Co-ordinator: Mandy Jenkins

Email: ojkj@bigpond.com

Mobile: 0438579873

Membership fee plus Insurance: $217.95 per year

Tues/Thurs (4:30pm to 6:30pm):
$71.00 per lesson (2 hourly lessons – 4-6 lessons/term)

Saturday classes
(Morning – 9am to 12pm/Afternoon – 2pm to 5pm):

$81.00 per lesson (3 hourly lessons – 4-6 lessons/term)

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Riding Boots (smooth sole with heel – no laces or ridged sole)

Riding Helmet (supplied)

Grooming Kit  (supplied)

Crop (supplied)


The lessons are run Tuesday & Thursday 4.30 – 6.30 pm (the ménage has lights)

Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 and 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Usually 5/6 riders per riding group


A really young child must be strong enough to start, turn and stop pony independently and understand and be able to practise correct safety when handling a pony.

Parents must stay if a child has any difficulties or illnesses that warrant parental supervision. If parents leave the property they must leave a contact number.


The Club’s excellent clubrooms allows the program to continue in bad weather, even if the riding component is not possible.  The lessons will not be cancelled by us due to wet weather – please make sure rain jackets are brought to lessons.

If a member needs to cancel a lesson they must notify the co-ordinator as early as possible.  Every attempt will be made to provide a “make up” lesson but no refunds will be given and no GUARANTEE of a make up lesson.